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Permanent Soffit Accent Lighting

Great for the holidays, game day, and everyday lighting.  These lights are fully controlled by an app on your phone, or by remote to give your home the desired accent to meet your needs.  You can control a variety of color, brightness, and dynamic chasing effects, like Rainbow, magic dream color chasing, skipping, dancing, twinkling. 16 million colors, adapt to music, timer function, DIY Mode. RGB Multi-Color pixel deck light is able to show multicolor chasing in a line on one light string.

Bright White Lights.jpg

Never Hang Christmas Lights Again!

 WIFI & Bluetooth Control: Using smart remote control (Bluetooth local mode control), or using phone APP ''Magic Home Pro'' control (WIFI control). The WIFI pixel dynamic RGB deck lights compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, if you are in a WIFI environment, control your LED deck lighting by voice with Alexa. It accepts commands like "Turn on / off, change color, dim / brighten light".

Group Control: You can create a group for all your smart devices and control them all in one command. Create your favorite light effects with 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable.

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